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Real Estate/Rentals/Sales
  • chevron_rightI'd like to rent my unit. How can I do that?
    Owners can rent out their units to short term or long term (seasonal) guests.
    You may do that on your own through publicly available websites such as AirBnB.
    You may also want to consider using a third party agent to assist you.
    The most active agents in the Ludlow area included:
    Inside Edge Rentals  800-298-0087
    Okemo Mountain  800-786-5366
    Slopeside Okemo Vacation Rentals 802-228-8999
    Vacasa   888-733-2964
  • chevron_rightI plan to sell my unit. What steps must I take?
    You may use a realtor of your choice.
    We advise that you notify our Executive Director Michael Normyle as early in the process as possible.
    It is IMPERTATIVE that when a purchase and sales agreement is pending or has been signed, Michael must be notified immediately.
Solitude COA Issues
Unit Renovations
  • chevron_rightDo I need approval to do renovations to my unit?
    If you are doing "like kind replacements (new appliances, carpet replacing carpet, paint, etc.) you do not need prior approval.
    However, if you are doing "major renovations" that include, but are not limited to, changes in plumbing or electrical systems, 
    impact on common areas, changing floor surface type, moving an interior wall, etc., you need prior board approval.
    The "Major Renovations Authorization Form" can be found in the documents tab under rules and regulations or HERE
    Michael is also available to guide you through the process.
  • chevron_rightHow do I get an estimate on a minor or major renovation?
    You could start with Summit Solutions or an architect or builder of your choice for an estimate.
    However, before making any financial or contractual commitments, please coordinate with Michael regarding size and scope,
    and any necessary Board approval.
  • chevron_rightMay I replace my existing appliances?
    Yes, and you do not need prior approval.
    You may use a vendor/supplier of your choice.
    Be sure that your purchase price includes removal of your existing appliance.
  • chevron_rightMay I discard my old TV/appliance or furniture in or around the dumpsters?
    No, this is NOT permissible.
    Your appliance vendor should remove your old items from the property.
    Alternatively, you can get a permit at the  Ludlow Town Offices to take the TV/appliance and furniture to the town transfer station.
  • chevron_rightI'd like to add a keyless system to my entry door. How can I do this?
    The Board of Directors supports homeowners transitioning to a keyless lock with the following understandings:
         - the only authorized contractor is Countryside Alarms in Mount Holly, VT
        - Laurie Taylor is the key contact at Countryside.  She can be reached at (802)-259-2213 or
         - the lock must be a Sclage model  with a Satin Nickel finish
         - the lock shall have a manual key override that is keyed to the "current Solitude Master Key System".
         -all costs, including labor, associated with the conversion are the responsibility of the individual owner
         - owner shall notify SVCOA Executive Director, Michael Normyle, when the keyless system is installed