General Information

  •   The  Recreation Center is open and the hours are 9am - 9pm daily.   Towels are provided.  New key cards for entry can be picked up at the Jackson Gore front desk.   All owners are guests should sign the log book and familiarize themselves with the posted safety rules and regulations. 
  • The owner passes are light maroon, as we'll continue to use the ones from last year.  They were distributed at the annual meeting and can be picked up from Michael Normyle at the Solitude HOA/Mary Davis office.   Issued parking permits shall be prominently displayed on all vehicles.  Each unit is allotted two parking passes. Overflow parking is available at either the Jackson Gore lower / general parking  or in the lot across from the Loft Tavern by the original Clock Tower area.; an extra permit for that can be obtained from the Executive Director
  • Renters should receive temporary parking permits from the rental agency.
  • Violators may be ticketed or towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.
  • Please bring any and all old parking passes to the SVCOA office, as they will recycled
  • SVCOA currently has five EV Level 2 chargers for use by Owners, their guests and renters.  They are attached to the boiler buildings in the parking lots by the A-D, EF, GHIJ, KL and MNO boiler blds.
  • For the 2023-24 season, there is no fee for using the chargers.  Charging shifts are expected to be 4-6 hours during the day, or overnight if you plug in late.  We ask that you please be mindful of your neighbors at all times and do not leave your EV plugged in for extended periods longer than is necessary to charge up, especially on busier weekends during the season.
  • When you do plug into one of our community chargers, it would be helpful if you left a note with your name, unit number and mobile phone number visible in the windshield in case  another user needs to get in touch.
  • You must display your owner's UNIT # parking tag at all times.
  • Individual  Electric Vehicle parking passes are also now available ( reach out to Michael)
  • Signage by the two new locations is now up and more EV-related website features coming soon.
  • Only owners or long term (30 days or more) renters, with the owners permission, are permitted to have pets.  All Dogs must be registered with the Executive Director
  • Owners are responsible for any litter left by their animals and such litter shall be retrieved and disposed of in a sanitary manner. Pet mitts are in strategically located places for your convenience.
  • Pets should be on leash/under control in Solitude Village and all areas of the mountain.
  • Guests of owners, who have pets may bring their family pets with them provided the owner is in-house with them.   Owners should not be unilaterally extending pet privileges to guests who they let use their residence when the owner is not there with them.
 There is a 10 yard trash dumpster and a 6 yard recycling dumpster in each of our 5 pod locations.   Owners along with their guests and renters are responsible for bringing their residential garbage and recycling ( single stream) items out to and INTO these dumpsters.   During the prime ski season (Thanksgiving to the end of March), the trash is picked up every Monday & Friday, while the recycling dumpster is only picked up on Mondays.    It is VERY important that ALL cardboard boxes are broken down and FLATTENED out, otherwise they take up far too much room.   In the spring, summer and fall, the dumpsters are on a call in basis.
  • Remember, TVs  & other electronics, furniture items, window treatments, mattress and other non-residential garbage SHOULD NOT be discarded in the dumpsters. Owners can get a permit at the  Ludlow Town Offices to take the TV/appliances and furniture to the town transfer station.   Alternatively, Summit Solutions is available to pick up and haul away items for the labor rate and the disposal fee.
  • Fireplace ashes should be disposed of in the silver metal ash cans located around the parking lots.
  • Ashes are NOT to be emptied into the dumpsters or placed on decks. 
  • Based on Ludlow Fire Department and Vermont Fire and Safety codes, charcoal or gas grills are NOT allowed. 
  • Approved electric grills ( with UL ratings)  may be used.  
  • Generally speaking, maintenance issues should be directed to Summit Solutions.  This would include issues such as heating, plowing, smoke detectors, exterior lights,  firewood, etc.; although they will most likely have to call in an electrician or a plumber for those needs
  • Summit Solutions may be reached via (802)  228-7104 or
  • Best to follow up all voice mail messages with an email to memorial & date stamp the work request  ( CC    Michael if you would like)
  • After-hour calls (4:30pm - 8:00am) for unlocks because of forgotten or lost keys, whether homeowner or renter, will be charged $50.00 for this service.  Call Summit Solutions for this service.   Phone 802-228-7104.
Thermostats/ Heating Guidelines
  • The DO NOT TURN YOUR THERMOSTAT DOWN BELOW 68 DEGREES signs on your interior mudroom door are left over from years ago.  Since that time we have replaced hundreds of windows, a great deal of extra insulation was put in, the H20 shut off program was put in place, more detailed communication reminders have been shared, etc.  During the winter season, it is very important to err on the higher side with respect to your thermostat settings!  If you have an end unit or one that is more exposed to the prevailing winds, it is always best to keep your thermostats to at least 68 degrees.   Exceptions can be made for interior units that are sandwiched between others, but when in doubt always err on the high side.   The nominally higher fuel bills are of little concern compared with the inconvenience and costs associated with frozen pipes.   For heating problems call Summit Solutions. 802-228-7104.